1970-1974 Academia di Belle Arti: Bachelor's degree in Scenic Architecture                Florence
1976-1977 Paris-American Academy: Painting classes                                                 Paris
1977-1989 Student of Henri Goetz: Etching                                                                  Villefranche
1980 Centro Internazionale della Grafica: School of engraving                                     Venice  
1985 Mosquée Imane: Arabic studies                                                                            Nice

1977-1978 L’Atelier Art Association: President                                                              Vence
1985 AVF: Art teacher for senior citizens                                                                       Sophia Antipolis
1985-1989 Université de Sophia: English teacher
1985-1990 Centre International (CIV): Theater teacher  
1985-1995 AHPSA: Community cultural organization, theater program 
1987 Amadeus: Theater workshops for reps.
987-1995 Theatre Guilledou: Set design for traveling puppet theater
               Theatre de la Lune: Set design, costumes
               AMAM: Calligraphy-in-art                                                                              Villeneuve- Loubet
1989 Les Geraniums: art therapy in a woman’s clinic                                                  Mougins
1990 Scultura Dutch Art Center: Manager, art history classes                                     Chateauneuf de Grasse                
1992 Lycée Professionel la Fontonne: Theater workshop                                            Antibes
1993 Institut Pierre Merli Theater/art workshops for people with Down Syndrome  
1994 Musée Picasso: « Il Niege au Soleil » Performance based on the artist
1985 Carnaval: Street procession and performance                                                    Sophia Antipolis  

1996 Divina Commedia Productions: Direction of plays by Moliere                              San Francisco
         Alliance Française: Direction « A Chacun son Serpent » by Boris Vian

1997 Claremont House: Theater workshops with senior citizens                                  Oakland  
         Stagebridge Theater: Stage design, costumes, theatre classes in schools
1998 Rockridge Library: Experimental theater workshops, performances
        Opera Piccola: Stage design
         Paden School: Theater workshops                                                                        Alameda
         Fo Fest: Event honoring Dario Fo and Franca Rame                                           San Francisco  
         La Pena Theater: Scenery design for « Fo Follies »  
         Marsh Theater: Direction of « Deconstructing Mother’s Day » by Franca Rame
         Istituto Italiano di Cultura: Commedia dell'arte workshop, performance  
         Rockridge Library: Direction and sets for « Mistero Buffo »                                  Oakland  

1999 Ecole Bilingue: French theater teacher                                                                 Berkeley  
         Museo Italo-Americano: Commedia dell'arte workshop                                        San Francisco  

2000 Delta Center Stage: Set design, theater in public schools                                    Greenville Mississippi 
         Delta Crossroads, Inc: Mississippi Delta renovation projects                                Rosedale, Mississippi
         Blanche Kelso Bruce Foundation, founder. Mission: sponsor 
         talented youth in the rural Mississippi Delta, and promote the           
         region's cultural heritage.
2001 T.L. Weston High School: Classes in the arts                                                      Greenville, Mississippi
         Delta Horizons 21st Century: Art and theater teacher 
2002 Bologna Performing Arts Center: Set design                                                       Cleveland, Mississippi
2003 Bolivar Commercial: Staff reporter

2007 Project Manager Hong Kong Young Artists Academy
2009 Salvation Army Schools: English teacher                                                            New Territories, China 
2010 HAC Community Center: Acting workshops for teachers                                    Lamma Island, Hong Kong  

2015 Art history and language classes                                                                        Saint Petersburg, Fl  
​         Fruit and vegetable vendor


1984  Biennale de la Méditerranée: Médaille de la Ville de Nice   
2003  AAA Southern Traveler Magazine - Southern Travel Treasure: Gospel & Blues Celebration "Year of the Blues"
​          Governor Musgrove of Mississippi: Special recognition for community service.
Marisa Dalla Valle   
Born in Carmel, NY, April 21,1952